A short update

10 January 2022

I recently resigned. It is a strange sensation, applying for jobs after 2 years of pandemic and with a general kind of burnout. Hearing a question like, “What’s your biggest strength?” feels absurd, like being asked what your favourite album is by your dentist while they pry 3 molars from your mouth.

I am taking a break from ‘timelines’, though I don’t know what that means exactly.
It has been oddly easy, though I am surprised by small autonomic betrayals of my own body. I will start some software and, in the slow moment it begins loading, my fingers will skitter away, launching a browser and auto-completing ‘twi-‘ before I even realise that I’ve been betrayed.

Patricia Lockwood’s “No-one is talking about this” is hard reading if you think you suffer from Online-brain. I bought it in paper-form and have found it difficult to read in that format after years of doom-scrolling.


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