Mind the Gap

21 January 2022

A portrait by Ikeorah Chisom Chi-Fada, "Holding On; Coat of Many Colours", 2021.

Ikeorah Chisom Chi-Fada’s portrait, “Holding On; Coat of Many Colours”, 2021.

I have two concerts booked from Before. They have been postponed a number of times for nearly two years - prodded gently forward like a hand-basket on the floor in a supermarket queue.
I will almost certainly cry at my first concert back.

I was pre-emptively rejected for a job I didn’t apply for.
The first I knew of it was an email stating that my application had been rejected. Shortly after this, an email stating that the rejection was a mistake and they’d be happy to take my application - which I had not made - forward.
It turned out to be a good friend who mentioned me to an internal recruiter as a potential applicant and the machinery all kicked in.
Still. Pre-emptively rejected. That’s new.

I still don’t know what the actual job was.

I like that the Natural Language Processing project I’m currently fiddling with reduces every use of ‘data’ to ‘datum’. It’s pedantic in a way that isn’t - but somehow feels very - human.

The work uses something called Latent Dirichlet Allocation - a method of trying to discern what the major topics are for a piece of text by looking at what words are frequently used together. I am severely tempted to put the Bible through it and finally, definitely, figure out what that thing’s whole deal is.

There is this trick they use in videogames with big, open worlds to avoid loading screens. They put in a corridor or a gap that the player needs to squeeze through. This allows the computer to free up memory from the area you came from and start to load the area at the end of the gap.
Being between jobs feels like being in a squeezy loading gap.