The Dark Horse

The two best days of owning a boat


In 2013 I bought an old canalboat and, over the course of the next 5 years, rebuilt it. And crashed it, and nearly sunk it, and had a few catastrophic engine failures. But mostly, rebuilt it.

so what

It was an adventure. During this time I also started and ran my own small, successful digital agency, due in no small part to my ability avoid London’s insane rent prices by living on the boat. My boat and I wandered around London, made friends, and stayed in liminal spaces I would never have known about had I not bought the ridiculous thing. I learnt a lot about engines, solar panels, friends, 12v systems, cistern tanks, and the value of a small woodburner during this time.

what now

The old joke about the two best days of boat-ownership being the day you buy it and the day you sell it is true. I miss the boatlife but it took up every weekend and most of my free time for nearly 5 years. I am happy to be taking a break from it now.