The great outdoors


I enjoy hiking and have been doing it since I was a kid. I like to use my holidays to go walking whenever possible. I’ve hiked the Arctic trail in Greeland, the Arctic Circle trail in Norway, the Fish River Canyon in Namibia, the larger hikes in New Zealand, around parts of Ireland, and others. I don’t get to go hiking as often as I would like.

so what

I find it necessary, as many people do, to disconnect from the online world and to be focused solely on the task of walking. Prioritising becomes unnecessary and goals are simple and clear. After a few days I find my mind clears and I’m able to focus more easily. I find that walking, like running, allows me to slowly untangle my thoughts and priorities, much like a pair of earphones pulled from a pocket.

what now

I’d love to walk the Shikoku pilgrimage in Japan.