I am bad at soldering


Over the years I’ve built a number of hardware projects. Most are relatively simple Arduino / Raspberry projects. Most recently, I built a smart lantern running Android things which I’m using to project my creative coding explorations. In the past I built (with a friend) a quadcopter drone (back before commercial/personal drones being available), a sun-seeker trike, and various small sensor experiments. This site is being served off a small Raspberry Pi at home, which also handles some dynamic DNS stuff, runs Steam Link, and hosts a few Twitter bot experiments.

so what

I enjoy building, understanding, and running computer systems of all sizes, running all kinds of services. I’d like to experiment more with 3d printing to make these experiments more self-contained and less fragile.

what now

I’d like to set up a home dashboard running the Shiny webservice, some automated blinds, and perhaps some smarter, more ecologically friendly lighting/temperature control systems. I like tinkering with hardware projects, with the dream being to construct my own rover and some original projects of my own. I’d like a 3d printer and to make some kind of drawbot next.