Processing experiments

AR, fireflies, genetic algorithms


From around 2007 to 2012 I played around with Processing, a creative coding framework in Java. I originally started experimenting with it after reading a paper on how fireflies use localised synchronisation to enhance their ability to attract other fireflies and wanted to see if I could recreate it. To the best of my knowledge, this was the first time this had been done digitally (though it’s very simple coding and has since been done numerous times.) After I’d iterated on that a few times, playing with OpenGL concepts and hardware interaction, I played around with visualising how genetic algorithms solve problems as a way to help understand how they work (which ended up on Wired’s security blog and a few other places), augmented reality (back in 2009 when it was still in its earliest phases), and trying to prototype weird Twitter interfaces which more accurately reflected the network nature of it.

so what

This was my first foray into creative coding and, while I’ve no intention of going back to Processing, it gave me a way to enjoy programming that was inspiring and joyful in a way I hadn’t otherwise experienced.

what now

After a break for a number of years, I’m back experimenting with creative coding but now using OpenRNDR. In future, once I have a better understanding of shaders and what I’d like to do artistically, I’d like to take a more serious look at OpenFrameworks.