Data is life


Since early 2018 I’ve been learning R, a programming language for statistical analysis and data science. I initially learnt it as a way to dissect and understand my financial history, having painstakingly extracted all of my financial records from my bank. I later used it in experiments to track my spending locations, understanding my Twitter use, and dive into some data science at work. I then took on a number of data science courses on Coursera and have been slowly working my way through them. I wrote an R package for interacting with my newer challenge bank, Monzo, called Monzor.

so what

R’s ability to manipulate and summarise data - especially with fun datasets - is deeply fun. I’ve learnt a lot about data science and statistical analysis in exploring it.

what now

I’m spending more time on creative coding now than data analysis, but I’d like to set up a home dashboard running Shiny - a webservice for R projects - and integrating some live data to create some interesting web-apps. I don’t think I’ll get to it anytime soon though.